In 2018 the Austrian Championship in historical fencing will take place in Graz, Austria. Despite its name it is considered an open competition for everyone, regardless of the nationality of the competitors. Still, Austrian participants will have the opportunity to win the title of Austrian Champion in historical fencing.

We, from INDES Graz, are looking forward to hosting fencers from all over the world and we will push ourselves in order to organise a tournament which will be a blast for everyone.

The Tournament will take place from the 26th to 27th of May in the gymnasiums of the Sportunion Styria.
The preliminary rounds will be held on Saturday and the qualifying rounds as well as the final on Sunday.



The Championship features the following weapon disciplines:
Longsword, Rapier, Sabre and Sidesword with buckler.

Set of rules

The applicable rules for this tournament will be the official ÖFHF tournament rules for fencing with historical edged weapons. (to the rule set)

Preliminary rounds

In the preliminary rounds the fencers will be divided into groups. Within the groups there will be a round robin system (all participants in one group have to fence against each other once).
The number and size of the groups depends on the number of participants and will be announced during the tournament

Each preliminary round match takes 3 minutes or until one combatant achieved 5 points. After 3 minutes the fencer with the higher score wins. In case of a draw another minute will be added and one randomly chosen fencer starts with an advantage.

After the preliminary rounds the combatants will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  1. Number of victories – The fencer with the most victories will be placed higher.
  2. Score difference – In case of a draw the fencer with the most inflicted hits subtracted by the number of received hits will be ranked higher.
  3. In case of a draw in victories and score difference the fencer with the most inflicted hits will be ranked higher.

Losing in the preliminary rounds DOES NOT eliminate you from the tournament.

The results from the preliminary rounds determine the ranking of the combatants. This will be the base for the qualifying rounds..

Qualifying rounds

The best ranked 24, 16, 8 or 4 fencers (depending on the number of participants and available time resources) of the preliminary rounds will carry on in the qualifying rounds. The first ranked fencer from the preliminary rounds will be matched with the last ranked one. The matches continue in the same manner, matching fencers from top to bottom with fencers from bottom to top. In case of a number of participants which doesn’t equal a power of two, the higher ranked fencers from top to bottom will get a bye.

A match in the starting qualifying rounds takes 3 minutes or until one combatant achieved 5 points. The quarterfinals will be 2 rounds with 3 minutes each or until one combatant achieved 10 points in total. From the semi-finals on it will be 3 rounds with 3 minutes each or until one combatant achieved 15 points in total.

The losers of these matches will be eliminated from the tournament. Too many double hits will lead to a double elimination.

Victory ceremony

Fencers in the ranks from 1 to 3 according to the final rounds will be honoured by the tournament crew and will receive awards.

Best Austrian (with either official residence in Austria or being member of an Austrian HEMA club) in the overall ranking will be awarded the title of “Austrian Champion in historical fencing”, regardless of the tournament victory.



The schedule is not yet finalized, there may still be changes!


09:30 Hall opens – weapons check
10:00 10:30 Welcome and rule explanation
10:30 12:30 Preliminary rounds
12:30 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 18:00 Preliminary rounds
18:00 19:00 Final: diversity tournament
19:30 Hall closes
20:00 Dinner


08:00 Hall opens
09:30 10:30 Qualifying rounds
12:00 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 14:30 Qualifying rounds
14:30 15:30 Finals
15:30 16:30 Victory ceremony
17:00 Hall closes

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