During the Preliminary rounds on Saturday there will be the opportunity to use another gymnasium within the facilities of the Sportunion Styria for open sparring. All participants of the tournament as well as any other interested fencers can come together to fence with each other, experience new weapons and exchange experience while doing that.

It is possible to participate in the Fechtschule without taking part in the official tournament.



Versatility Competition on Saturday

In addition to sparring, our so-called “versatility competition” will be held here on Saturday. This is an activity where participants are required to find a partner, choose their weapons and agree on both the rules and mode of their individual bout. After the bout, the winner is recorded and communicated to the event organisers.

How does it work?
Simply find a person you would like to fence with and who would like to fence with you, too. Agree on which weapon(s) you want use and get a specifically designed form from us, on which you will then record your names, individually chosen weapons and the subsequent winner.

How do I win my bout?
This is entirely up to you! What’s most important is that you agree on your individual mode and rules before the fight together.

A few examples:

• You agree on a timed bout and the fencer who has landed more hits within that time span wins.
• You agree on a specific number of hits, i.e. the first fencer to reach that limit wins.
• You only fence to the first hit, i.e. whoever lands the first valid hit wins.
• Or you just agree to fence and determine the winner after the fact.
• You might also just flip a coin…we’re sure you’ll be creative enough!

After the fight, the winner is recorded on our form, which can be handed over to any of our present assistants.

Which weapons can use?
You can use whatever you like and whatever is provided. However, we would ask you to use matching weapons of the same material only (steel vs. steel, nylon vs. nylon, etc.)! Both of you can choose the same weapon, but you certainly don’t have to. You are more than welcome to use a different weapon from your partner’s.

How will you determine ther overall winners?
This is our little secret at the moment but know this: It is called a Versatility Competition – the more diverse your weapons choices, the better you chance to reach the final!

The most versatile fencers will have the chance to compete in an enjoyable final on Saturday evening. The specific mode of the final will not be announced just yet!




During the event the Sportunion’s bar will be open for all participants. Beverages, fruits and small snacks can be purchased there.

On Saturday evening we would be happy to share a nice evening with everyone interested in a local restaurant. Details will be announced.




Within the Sportunion’s facilities there will be the opportunity to use the indoor swimming pool. The opening times are from 06:00 to 13:00 and 15:30 to 20:00. Further information can be found here.